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Giving Consumer Advice on Viewership

Giving Consumer Advice on Viewership

KFCB gives guidance to media content consumers by rating content in accordance with the age of the target audience.

We recognise that children are at an increased risk of exposure to potentially harmful media content every day.

This is due to the proliferation of unfiltered media content distribution/exhibition platforms, particularly the internet and social media.

To neutralise the impact of this trend, KFCB initiated the Media Literacy Program in 2014.

The program dubbed “You are What You Consume” trended with taglines #CleanIsCool and #FormNiSafi.

Its goal is to educate children, parents and guardians on safe internet usage and choice of media content.

The initiative was rolled out in partnership with relevant stakeholders.

Such partners include Google Kenya, Communications Authority of Kenya, Kenya National Drama and Film Festival, Digital Broadcasters Association, Raise your Game by Ken Gomeri, and SupKem.

Others are the Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya, ACK Nairobi Diocese Youth Ministry, Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops, Kenya International Theatre Festival, Kenya Christian Professionals Forum, and Kenya Students Christian Fellowship.

We have also partnered with Kenyatta and Kisii universities, as well as schools like Alliance Girls, Moi Girls Nairobi, Kerugoya Girls, Machakos Boys, Kiambu High School, and City Primary school, among others.

Moreover, we have participated in the Safer Internet Day and extensively publicised the day’s activities on social media.

So far our messages have reached more than 300,000 students, over 50,000 teachers, and over 20,000 parents.

We will continue seeking wider partnerships as we echo the global clarion call:

“Children and young people deserve to grow in a digital environment where they can create, engage, access opportunities and share freely and positively.”